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Why aniVital® for your pet?


Dr. Deitert, Produktentwicklung"When dogs and cats share their living space with us humans, problems can occasionally arise. Allergies, excess weight or difficulties with the immune metabolism are just a few of the things that can adversely affect the lives of dogs and cats. Many of these problems can be controlled with appropriate nutritional supplements or special diets.

aniVital® offers you a tasty as well as effective solution for a large number of these problems. aniVital® products supplement your pet’s diet with useful nutrients known for their supportive effects in remediating dietary problems.

And the big advantage? The various chewy tablets (Tabs) taste like delicious treats to your dog or cat!"

Dr. Chr. Deitert (aniVital®  research & development)


aniVital® online product guide


What health symptoms are bothering your dog/cat? Our online product guide shows you which aniVital® products are suitable for which indications.


Frequently asked questions

Should I feed my pet a low-fat diet so it doesn’t become overweight?

Basically, too much fat leads to excess weight, both in people and animals. But too little fat is not good, either!

Fat is the most important source of energy in food: one gram of fat contains an average of 9.4 kcal, one gram of protein only 5.7 kcal. Fat also provides essential fatty acids (important for healthy skin and beautiful, gleaming fur) and helps with the utilisation of certain vitamins.

Should I give my dog vitamin tablets in addition to his food?

In general - no. But increased doses of vitamins for a limited period can be useful when there are health problems, e.g. adding biotin for dull fur or badly chapped paws. Please discuss these dosages with your veterinarian.