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When should you use aniVital®?

Great Dane Max is living large

Max is now five months old and “growing like a weed”, as his owners joke. They feed their young dog a special junior food (BELCANDO® Junior Maxi) which is appropriate for the slower growth of large dog breeds. In addition, they want to do everything possible to provide optimal joint support for Max over the long term - their previous Great Dane unfortunately had major problems with its skeletal system.

Max now gets (appropriate for his current weight) six to eight CaniAgil® Tabs as treats. They supplement his diet with nutrients from New Zealand green-lipped mussels and plants known for their supportive effect on the function of connective tissue, cartilage and joints.


The wirehaired dachshund Minchen looks unkempt

A slightly disheveled look goes along with the breed standard for wirehaired dachshunds - but five-year-old Minchen really looks raggedy; her fur is dull and lustreless.

CaniDerm® Tabs contain biotin, brewer’s yeast and omega-3 fatty acids - a beneficial combination of nutrients which interact effectively for a positive effect on skin and fur. Minchen’s owner is now giving her one to two Tabs per day for a period of four to six weeks so that her fur becomes softer and shinier.


Garfield does his namesake honor

Lying in splendid state on the sofa is the primary activity of Garfield, a six-year-old neutered house cat. It’s difficult to get him to play and hunt, so that he has become overweight in the meantime.

FeliFiber® Tabs have replaced snacks richer in energy. Garfield now has to work for his food: his owner hides the daily ration of dry food in a “funboard”.


Lilly the Maltese is a mimosa

She frequently returns from dog shows with minor health problems: colds, irritated eyes, diarrhea or no appetite. Her breeder reports that she always seems to catch anything that might be going around.

With Cani Immun® Tabs, Lilly’s owner now supplements the dog’s diet in a targeted manner with nutrients known for their stimulating effect on the general canine immune system. Sensitive dogs or dogs kept exclusively indoors with inadequate “natural training” of the immune system really benefit from them.


Golden Retriever Theo is becoming elderly

Theo is getting gray around his muzzle and his eyes appear to be getting cloudy. He is also slowing down and his family is worried: could Theo be ill? No, Theo is getting old.
His age-related aches and pains are normal, but can be alleviated.

CaniAge® Tabs supplement the dog’s diet in a targeted manner with active substances known for their positive effects on age-related problems - e.g. cold-pressed grape seeds, marigold, omega-3 fatty acids.


Outdoor cat Tigger runs his paws raw

Eleven-year-old Tigger is a typical outdoor cat: at night he prowls through the gardens of his neigbourhood, sleeping under the beds of his owners during the day. His can openers would love to know where he hangs out - he frequently has smaller wounds and his paws are chafed and sore.

Tigger’s owners carefully dab a bit of CaniDerm® Oil on his wounds (not on open ones!) to prevent itching and infections.


The Labrador Mokka urgently needs to lose weight

Mokka’s great passion in life is searching for something edible - the children’s sandwiches, the potato peelings destined for the compost bin: nothing is safe from her.
Because the 8-year-old female Labrador otherwise lies around dozing in a sunny spot in the garden, she’s gained a few kilos, which is not good for her cardiovascular system or her joints.

Mokka’s family have now begun to lengthen her walks and have replaced her normal food (BELCANDO® Adult Dinner) with a lower-energy food (BELCANDO® Adult Light). In between, Mokka gets CaniFiber® Tabs - they serve as satisfying treats and help to burn fat.


Siamese cat Angie is licking herself raw on her tummy

Angie seems to have her difficulties with the seasonal change of coat: this phase takes a very long time and her constant cleaning has resulted in a raw, naked spot on her belly.

FeliDerm® Tabs support skin function in cases of dermatitis as well as other skin and fur problems. The tasty tabs can easily be used as treats and should be given for a period of four to six weeks so that the valuable ingredients can do their work.