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How do I recognise a food allergy?

Neither experts nor laymen can easily detect food intolerance at first glance. Itching, scratching and constant licking of fur are the initial warning signs.

Consequences of a food allergy may include localised hair loss, or skin infections which manifest themselves in the form of reddening, pustules and eczema. However, food intolerance may also produce digestive problems such as diarrhoea or bloating.
*Warning:  These symptoms can also indicate a common skin disorder.

Allergie gegen Futtermittel

What can I do if a food allergy is suspected?

It's important to find out which ingredients of the pet food are possibly triggering the allergy. Food proteins are almost always responsible. An increased risk of allergy exists for proteins of inferior quality, for certain food proteins and food with many different protein sources. aniVital®, as a hypoallergenic diet pet food with easily digestible, defined protein sources is the optimal solution in the case of a food allergy.

According to surveys of veterinarians, the following foods are most frequently connected with dermatological symptoms of a food allergy: wheat, beef, corn, poultry, soy, milk products and preservatives and colorings.

aniVital® HA, which comes in fish and lamb flavours, is a hypoallergenic diet pet food for use in the case of food allergies or food intolerance (skin or intestinal problems caused by food). Both varieties are especially tasty and easily digestible.