CaniDerm® Oil

Skin & fur

Oil for dogs and cats
for external use

Particularly suitable

  • skin irritations and skin inflammations
  • allergic skin problems
  • sensitive or sore paws


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CaniDerm® - Oil


When is CaniDerm® Oil used?

Thanks to active substances such as cold-pressed grapeseed oil, CaniDerm® Oil relieves itching and has a strong positive influence on sore, inflamed skin.

CaniDerm® Oil is available in a 50 ml bottle; a little goes a long way. CaniDerm® Oil can also be used for cats.

It is particularly suitable in cases of

  • skin irritations
  • skin inflammations
  • allergic skin problems
  • sensitive or sore paws

How is CaniDerm® Oil used?

A small amount of oil (a little goes a long way; it is best measured out with a pipette) is massaged regularly into the affected area of the skin. The duration of use depends on the severity of the problem; as a rule, the positive effect of CaniDerm® is noticeable within a few days.

CaniDerm® Oil

What our customers say


E. Friedrich at futterklick.de:

“Our dog often has raw, cracked paws in winter. I dab a little of the oil on them and he then stops licking at his paws. It doesn’t smell too bad, either - a bit like herbs. It’s not exactly cheap, but it lasts a while."


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