aniVital Welpenmilch

Puppy Milk

for raising puppies

Highly soluble, easy-to-prepare product

Particularly suitablede

  • raising puppies without their mother
  • when the mother does not have enough milk
  • when the mother is ill
  • for supplementing the mother’s food


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aniVital® Puppy milk


aniVital® Puppy Milk is an especially soluble powdered milk.

When is feeding AniVital puppy milk recommended?

  • Raising puppies without their mother
  • When the mother does not have enough milk
  • When the mother is ill
  • For supplementing the mother’s food

aniVital® puppy milk is available in two sizes: 0,5 kg and 3 kg

How is the puppy milk prepared?

The milk powder is dissolved in warm water (50-60°C) in a proportion of 1 part milk powder to 2 parts water (1 measuring cup milk powder = 15 g in 30 ml water produces 45 ml solution. Add the powder to the warm water, not vice versa!). The daily requirement of the puppies is approximately 150 ml solution per kg body weight. Feed the prepared milk solution at body temperature (38 °C). If the milk has cooled down, rewarm it! Feed the prepared milk solution within one hour.

What is the recommended feeding amount?

Move your mouse over the table to see it in its entirety.

 Average amount (ml/puppy/meal)

 Age of puppy meals
per day
small breeds
(< 10 kg)*
medium breeds
(10-25 kg)*
large breeds
(25-50 kg)*
x-large breeds
(> 50 kg)*
 week 1


 10-20 ml

 20-30 ml

 30-40 ml

 40-50 ml

 week 2


 20-40 ml

 35-50 ml

 50-70 ml

 70-80 ml

 week 3


 30-60 ml

 60-80 ml

 80-120 ml

 110-120 ml

 week 4


 35-70 ml

 70-100 ml

 110-150 ml

 150-160 ml

* adult weight

aniVital Puppy Milk



Analytical constituents

Crude protein 33,0 %; fat content 39,0 %; crude fibre 0,2 %; crude ash 7,0 %; Calcium 1,1 %; Phosphor 0,8 %; Lactose 17,0 %

Additives per je kg

Vitamin A 48.000 I.E.; Vitamin D3 4.800 I.E.; Vitamin E 500 g; Copper 16 mg


Vegetable fat; Whey protein concentrate; Dicalcium phosphate; Fish oil; Yeast extracts



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