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The aniVital® online product guide

Our online product guide shows you which aniVital® products are suitable for which indications. Please click the approriate areas of the illustration. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact our experts. Fill out the necessary informations (age, race, weight of your dog or cat) on our contacts page (link).


Max the mutt lives high on the hog

The wolfhound mix Max is now five months old and “growing like a weed”, as his owners joke. They feed their young dog a special junior food (BELCANDO® JUNIOR MAXI) which is appropriate for the slower growth of large dog breeds and also give him CaniAgil Tabs to provide optimal long-term support for Max’s joints.


Dala’s healthy start in life

The kitten Dala is new to her human family. To keep Dala healthy and help her body’s own immune system develop fully, her owners give her FeliImmun Tabs. The tasty tabs can be used as treats and supplement the cat’s diet in a targeted manner with nutrients known for their supportive effect on the general feline immune system: brewer’s yeast and vitamin C.