Instant Energy

The energy reserve

Dietary supplement for dogs
with high activity levels

Particularly suitable

  • for sled and search-and-rescue dogs
  • for greyhounds to refresh their energy reserves
  • for active hunting dogs
  • for breeding bitches


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aniVital® Instant Energy


What are the advantages of aniVital® Instant Energy?

Instant Energy is especially good for watering sled dogs or other dogs with high-endurance work or training activities. "Furthermore aniVital® Instant Energy could fill up in the short term the energy reserves of dogs during competitions and it is very useful as an additional energy source for the lactating bitch.

anivital® Instant Energy contains 30.5 MJ (7,300 kcal) of convertible energy per kg.

  • Easily available energy from medium-chain fatty acids (coconut  and palm fat)
  • High content of omega-3 fatty acids from algae
  • High acceptance rate

When should I use Instant Energy?

  • for sled dogs
  • for hunting dogs
  • for greyhounds to refresh their energy reserves (1 – 2 hours before a race or during a racing day)
  • for dofgs in dog sports
  • for search-and-rescue dogs



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aniVital Instant Energy




Protein 15,0 %; fat content 75,0 %; crude fibre 0,2%; crude ash 3,5 %; moisture 5,0 %

How to feed aniVital® Instant Energy?

1 part aniVital® Instant Energy should be scrambled intensive with at least 4 parts of water afterwards the product should be offered directly to the dog. It is recommended to use warm water - although the mixing with could water is possible as well.  AniVital® Instant Energy is available in two sizes: 0,5 kg and 3,0 kg

What are the recommended feeding amounts?


quantity of

quantity of
Instant Energy


100 Kcal
(~ 0,4 MJ) 

 ca. 15 g

 1 x

250 Kcal
(~ 1,1 MJ) 

 ca. 35 g

 1 x

500 Kcal
(~ 2,1 MJ) 

 ca. 70 g

 1-2 x

750 Kcal
(~ 3,1 MJ) 

 ca. 100 g

 2 x

1000 Kcal
(~ 4,2 MJ) 

 ca. 135 g

 3 x

1250 Kcal
(~ 5,2 MJ) 

 ca. 170 g

 3-4 x

1500 Kcal
(~ 6,3 MJ) 

 ca. 200 g

 4 x